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Why and Who you need a Web Site?


The Internet has become a familiar and common thing in homes and offices, because many have already begun to realize that it is this “window into the world” that makes us aware of certain things: on the web, we select services, look for data, buy goods. Therefore, you should not ignore the necessity of having your own website, whatever you do and that would not want to inform the general public about the network.
As you know, sites can have different types, depending on the purpose that the creation of such a virtual page pursues, and the audience for which it is intended. For example, so-called corporate websites – virtual portals – through which communication and data exchange between people working in the same organization are being used are very popular. It can publish important internal news, hang out ads, there are hidden pages available for registered users with an additional level of access – a kind of “talker” for representatives of individual units or departments.

An interesting format is a business card site. Usually it has a fairly small size and, in fact, has only one goal – to briefly introduce its owner, product or event. Such “business cards” are conveniently sent to potential customers, employers, business partners in the form of a commercial offer.

What is important, the creation of a good website is now available to many. Here is a proposal from the web company WebiProg, which has a positive reputation among numerous customers and boasts extensive experience in the creation and development of websites of any specialization and level of complexity.

For example, an online store is also a site that has a specific profile – a representation of the product for a wide audience and a facilitating process of buying and selling. Virtual sales representations now have all the largest brands and trademarks, as this increases sales and is in demand, regardless of whether the company has regular trading pavilions or not. Trading online is profitable, easy and convenient.

Another version, something similar to the online store – a site-directory. It is useful to those who want to have a virtual portfolio or conveniently present their work, samples, ideas to potential customers.

And, of course, all those who wish now can try their hand at creating a social network – this is also a site, but its main goal is productive and fascinating communication.

Stages of Development of Web Sites in the Agency WebiProg.

The developers of the web agency WebiProg called the web development of the very process of creating a website or application. This concept includes the creation of applications for e-commerce, programming for the client and server, design.

Any web development includes the following stages:

  • the creation of a project website or application, which consists of an analysis of the requirements, the proper development of the terms of reference, the definition of the required interfaces;

  • technical task;

  • thinking of the website concept;

  • creation of designs;

  • development of the layout of each page:

  • selection of the necessary multimedia elements and platforms;

  • page layout and templates;

  • development of necessary software;

  • the placement of content;

  • testing;

  • correction;

  • placing the project on a public website;

  • service delivery.

Website development allows for the absence of certain stages, or, conversely, their close relationship, depending on the setting of current tasks. Our website developers are attentive to the work at every stage, since the slightest mistake or inaccuracy can lead to the creation of a problem site. Web development is usually done taking into account the requirements of the customer, the relevance of the project, using different technologies and methods. The more experience and skill levels have web site developers, the higher the cost of creating a website, but also the better the quality, capabilities, strategy, concept, design.

Many structures offer not only the creation of web design but such services as web development and promotion of web sites. The main thing is not to make a mistake and make the right choice, having got acquainted with the quality and level of works performed by the performer chosen by you. Only professionals can create a website that will become a powerful tool to influence the target audience.

Ways to Attract Buyers to the Online Store

The problem of attracting visitors is especially relevant for online stores, as there is direct selling and one of the most important factors that affect sales is the incoming flow of visitors to the site. There are many time-tested and well-practiced methods of attracting customers, but even the most popular of them will be ineffective with minimal effort from the owners of such stores. Already traditional is the way to attract a buyer through search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization (SEO)).

Search Engine Optimization

Every day, hundreds of millions of people use the services of search engines, and it’s simply unreasonable not to pay attention to such a huge audience. That’s why search engine optimization is so often used to attract customers. It is rather difficult to describe this process in two words, but briefly, the search engine optimization means writing texts for the pages of the online store, taking into account the users’ queries to the search engines. Accordingly, you need to pre-analyze these queries and compose a semantic kernel, which is a list of the most optimal for the promotion of requests. 

Next, the website structure is planned and its content is filled with content. For the effective operation of the site, more precisely, in order for the search engines to rank the pages you need, they must be properly interlinked with internal links. Unfortunately, for highly competitive inquiries, the internal optimization of the site will not be possible and it will be necessary to purchase external links. Moreover, for online stores this is especially important, since it is usually the highly competitive inquiries that work most effectively for this type of site.

Partnership programs

Another way to attract a buyer is the affiliate program of the online store. It is effective and ensures stable sales levels of any kind of goods. Of course, it’s very pleasant when other people work for you. Truth in this case you will have to share a part of your profit, but it’s worth it. It is very important to understand that at the expense of partners you collect a client base and in fact partner deductions are more than pay off in the future due to proper work with clients, because bringing a new customer is usually 6 times more expensive than working with those who previously bought. Here you can not do without mailing lists. Due to multiple touches, you can significantly raise revenue. Many owners of online stores conduct marketing campaigns to attract buyers, which implies the provision of a variety of discounts, gifts and bonuses. This is a good tool for promoting an online store, but there is not always an opportunity to make a good discount at a loss to yourself. Therefore, this method is not suitable for everyone.

Online store blog

It is considered to be a promising way to create an online store blog that attracts buyers’ attention. Such a blog is in fact a website that collects all feedback from partners and buyers, news about the online store, releases of goods. Also, the blog raises the level of trust, and it is likely that even an occasional visitor can become a client of the store. Placement of information about the online store and its products in directories on other sites is also an effective and proven way. On the Internet, a lot of sites have been created that can freely post an article about your store for free. Of course, for the appearance of information about your online store on a decent site, you have to fork out.

Viral Marketing

Not so long ago, the ways to attract customers to the online store have replenished with one more option – viral marketing. It affects the fact that unconsciously thousands and tens of thousands of people transmit your thoughts and ideas to other people. To do this, often use sensations, rumors, games, write books, create video clips, where they then insert advertising about the online store and begin to distribute it for free on the network.

Contextual advertising

The most effective and stable way to attract buyers is the use of contextual advertising. The advantages of this method of attracting clients are several. Contextual and contextual display advertising, unlike SEO promotion, starts working immediately. Those. You will immediately receive a flow of customers to the site. This is a controlled advertising, which allows you to selectively manage the flow of customers in the sagging sales directions. You can also take into account and control the seasonality, distributing the advertising budget as necessary. Company WebiProg creates online stores that differ in their individual design and flexible functionality. In the design, in the first place, specialists focus on the convenience of interfaces, and in the style of sticking to European trends in web design. The functionality of such a site is of great importance, so we made sure that the CMS was flexible and allowed to easily expand the functional modules. Integration with external accounting systems, such as CRM, ERP, has been implemented by us already in a variety of projects.

Development of an Online Store based on CMS OpenCart

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OpenCart is a PHP-based open source web-based store system for creating online businesses and supporting offline trading. A robust e-commerce solution for online merchants with the ability to create their own online business and be a member of the electronic market with a minimum entry threshold and cost of ownership. OpenCart is a multifunctional, convenient, friendly Internet-showcase with all the set of required components and with a visually appealing interface.

 Why do I need an online store?

  • Your store will work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • The cost of doing business will be reduced, thanks to the online store.
  • There is an opportunity to serve a large number of customers.
  • There is no need to hire and train a large number of managers.
  • Those buyers who can not give proper time to shopping trips can buy the necessary goods in your store.
  • Do not worry about the convenient location of your store.
  • Due to lower costs, it is possible to reduce the price of the product, thereby attracting more customers and not losing any profit at the same time.

Web agency WebiProg offers you the development of an online store based on CMS OpenCart. Developing online stores on OpenCart will ease your work and increase profits.

What are the advantages of online stores on OpenCart?

1. Speed and safety

Time of loading of pages is minimal. The online store at OpenCart provides a high level of customer safety.

2. Easy modification

It is possible to install various modules, thanks to which you can realize any design intent.

3. SEO-friendly

The site on OpenCart can be optimized for search engines, which will ensure a high percentage of indexation, and as a result, a positive impact on the position of the online store in search results. In OpenCart, you can set the URLs of web pages manually, edit title, description and keywords. Take into account and search by pictures, for this in the system you can prescribe various attributes for images.

4. Catalog

The online store on OpenCart can be synchronized with CRM, ERP, accounting system. For large trading floors, this is a prerequisite, but such an opportunity will be useful for any online store. The exchange of data between the online store catalog and CRM, ERP or accounting system allows you to automatically update prices, current product balances and automate many routine operations. Accordingly, the probability of error on the part of the administrator of an online store is minimized, and costs are reduced through optimization of work.

5. Photo Gallery

On OpenCart, the gallery of the store stands out for its special convenience in managing images. Creating albums, adding or deleting images has become very easy. Also there is a function of overlaying the watermark on the product image, which helps protect the photos.

6. Multilanguage

Thanks to a special module, you can create store versions in different languages.

7. Multicurrency

You can independently specify the exchange rate administrator of the online store.

8. Payment and delivery

The payment module provides support for a variety of payment types (payment orders, checks). The calculation of taxes, the price of delivery of goods is available, based on such parameters as: price, weight of goods, place of delivery.

9. Personal Area

Information about the order status, purchase history, the information necessary for the delivery of goods is displayed.

10. Loyalty program

In the online store on OpenCart there is an opportunity to implement a discount system, gift certificates, special coupons for discounts, you can link discounts to certain products, and also implement an affiliate program to expand business.

11. Statistics and reporting system

In order to install the Analytics Analytics system, you do not need access to the page code, because the installation scheme is much simplified. Form reports on orders or returns of goods, as well as information about the most popular products is very simple.

Types of sites and their development.

The creation of the website is today one of those few information technologies in which the standards associated with their development are not such strict axioms that must necessarily be followed. First of all, because there are a lot of different sites for which strict compliance with existing standards will not always be the same.

There are several types of Internet resources, which today are considered the most common.

Firstly, these are personal websites that provide information about a particular person who can be a businessman, an expert in the relevant field, a pop star or a show business. Creation and promotion of such a page of a personal nature is accompanied by a small financial costs. For this reason, these web-resources do not differ in their functionality and do not have a presentable design.

Secondly, these are business card websites. In most cases, they have one to five pages. They contain information about a particular company, product or service provided. Therefore, the creation of a business card site and its subsequent promotion can cost as cheap enough, and reach up to several thousand dollars.

Thirdly, information web-resources, on which users can familiarize themselves with a specific type of information. The price of creating and promoting such a page may depend on the functionality and subject matter. In addition, information-intranet-resources can at the expense of advertising other kinds of web-pages, services and goods and bring profit to their owners.

Fourthly, these are purely entertainment sites, which, as a rule, do not carry a semantic or information load. The creation and promotion of such a resource often involves the use of CMS, coping with huge loads. This is due to their daily visit to a huge number of people.

In any case, the creation of sites of any of these types, not to mention their subsequent promotion, may require the availability of relevant knowledge. It can take many months, and even a year, to receive them. For this reason, if in the near future it is planned to develop the site and its subsequent promotion in the “search engines”, you do not have to rush to do it yourself or refer to the first person who came across. It is best to entrust this business to the real professionals of their business who will be able to take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer.

How to choose a project developer for Magento?

Choosing Magento, as in other and any other platform, as a CMS for your online store, you, sooner or later, but inevitably, run into the question: “How to find a developer?”. And, if you are not technically skilled in choosing a professional, this will not be an easy task. We want to share some tips that will help you choose the right Magento developer that will meet your requirements and be able to manage the technical development of your project.

Despite its popularity, Magento is a complex platform and you will need a highly qualified specialist who will cope with building an effective system, which in turn will avoid further corrections and corrections in the backend of your online store. When choosing a developer, you should follow some rules that will help you choose the specialist that you really need.

The quality of the final product.

The quality assurance of your project is the foundation for building an effective e-commerce project. It is necessary to pay as much attention as possible to whabt is the main thing for your project and how it should be built. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Do you have a team of testers responsible for the quality of the project?
  • Does your team use Magento’s guides and recommendations or use automated tools?
  • Does the developer have a Magento certificate?

Certification Magento is an international system for recognizing the expertise of any developer Magento.

Currently, there are several types of certification Magento:

– Magento Solution Specialist: This certificate confirms that the person has a deep knowledge of the capabilities of the Magento platform and its settings.

– Magento Front-End Developer: the certificate confirms the developer’s ability to create and customize Magento themes for the correct display of the online store, for all visitors from all possible types of devices.

– Magento Certified Developer: is the most optimal certificate for the developer, indicating its ability to develop a back-end online store on Magento, including the logic of the kernel, additional integration with third-party modules, setting up payment and delivery methods, etc. This certificate confirms that the developer has deep knowledge in Magento and can work with the code.

– Magento Certified Developer Plus: the certificate is the pinnacle in the classification of Magento developers and confirms the deep knowledge of Magento Enterprise Edition.

A team or a freelancer?

As in working with the team, and when interacting with freelancers there are pros and cons. Of course, the choice of the team will be associated with greater costs than when working with a freelancer. However, if you decide to hire a team, you do not need to worry about the effectiveness of the final product. Adaptability of layout, module configuration, integration and any development will be carried out with high standards of Magento.

If, after all, you decided to stop working with a freelancer, then you will have to spend considerable effort to find a professional Magento developer, who has considerable experience in setting up Magento, developing backend and front-end at an affordable price.

If you are working on a large project, regardless of which way your choice falls, you should make sure that the developers have experience working with similar projects. And also will make sure that they have the right tools to do the work properly.

Is there any experience with complex projects on Magento?

Make sure that the developers worked on complex projects on Magento. See their best work from the portfolio that meets your requirements and relevant recommendations.

Do you have a Project Manager?

The presence of a project manager on the singer’s side is very important for a full understanding of the tasks of the developer for the development of the project, and will help to avoid downtime in the process of completion.

Is the offer competitive?

Ask the offer from several artists and take the time to reject them. Try to get the justification for the cost of your project and compare it with the offers of competitors. So you get more understanding about the real costs and will be able to choose the best offer.

Popular German ShopWare CMS for online stores has been refreshed

Shopware CMS is an integrated content management system that was developed specifically for Shopware and can be managed directly from the internal interface of Shopware.

One of the most significant innovations was the developers’ refusal to use the software module for IonCube encryption. Thanks to this, the German CMS has successfully moved to the category of open source software.

In the standard, you can rely on more than 20 pre-configured content items to create pages. Here are the available standard content items available: text with images, banners, sliders and tables, as well as items such as a list of products, forms, tab names or Google Maps.

In addition, new elements of content can be created, via the Backend. Here you save your own configuration fields defined by the administration and the HTML template.

In addition to moving to the Open Source category, the updated ShopWare platform, which is already available for download, also boasts a host of additional features. New features are the result of a thorough study of the wishes and suggestions of web developers and online store owners.

In particular, the German CMS has the functions of the Shopping Advisor, which allows you to create questionnaires for customer inquiries to determine their wishes. While another fresh feature called Custom Products allows customers to easily create a variety of individualized products: from a knitted product with unique printing to an engraved ring with an engraved date.

Advantages of ShopWare CMS in comparison with other CMS for creating an online store:

  • There are no fixed grid sizes and thus more freedom in design
  • Handling new and existing pages without affecting (Storfront Management integrated version)
  • Attachment of content elements (for example, in the header of the form tab)
  • Extend existing and create a new content item directly from the internal interface
  • Live preview function from the device to the simulation size (live update after saving)

To date, CMS ShopWare, which is suitable for customers of any size, installed more than 54 thousand times. Users also downloaded about 2,000 plug-ins.

Why not make a web site yourself?

In the age of information technology, no business can do without its web site. The Internet opens, perhaps, the most extensive opportunities for advertising. So sooner or later every entrepreneur thinks about creating a website himself or ordering?

To begin with, every case has its own subtleties and complexities, which only a professional can cope with. For example, you do not have the slightest idea how sites are created, but you definitely need a colorful online store with full functionality. In this case, you are easier and better to order a website in a web agency.

How much, how much?

Perhaps, prices will seem too high for such an intangible object as a site. And you will look for learning information. On the Internet, there are plenty of training materials for creating web sites, and free programs, and even on-line designers, where you can create your site for free. Now imagine how much time it will take for you to study a new profession and create a website yourself? Will it meet your requirements for functionality?

Agree that the site of your enterprise should like people, and not some, namely your target audience, for which all your proposals are calculated. Otherwise it will be completely ineffective. That is why web site development should be entrusted not just to a person with good taste, but to a professional designer who will make the site not only beautiful but also attractive, will encourage people to cooperate with you.

Somehow yourself?

The independent creation of a website is rational only for those people for whom html is not just a combination of letters, and in the event that a complex site is not needed, but rather a couple of information pages. The same for whom the future site will become the face of the company, a full-fledged business tool, you should order the site without hesitation. From this you will only benefit, because in the same agency you can order support of the site and its promotion without additional searches.

Where to get the website?

It does not matter whether you are going to earn solely through the Internet or your business is quite tangible. The site is now needed by everyone. But here’s where to get your own website, so that it’s cheap, and angry?

What options?

Gone are the days when, in order to make a website, it was necessary to learn the programming language. Today in the network you can find several designers, with the help of which to build your own site. However, and for this you have to read and understand a little. It’s even easier to order a website inexpensively and get it ready in 1-2 days. But if the site needs a complex or responsive web design, then its production will cost a decent amount. Each of these options has its pros and cons.

Constructors are not for everyone.

Apparent simplicity of designers attracts many people who want to save money. But in fact, this economy becomes an obstacle to promotion and, as a consequence, the cause of low incomes. The fact is that sites created on the designer receive domain names of the third level. Search engines do not like them and often bypass their index. Thus, the site does not appear in the search results of your potential customers. And how else do users find out about your site? Design websites are suitable only for those who do not expect to attract customers through contextual advertising or promotion of the site.

Bonus site to order.

If you need a simple business card or “Landing Page”, you do not need to order a site with an individual design and powerful functionality. For successful promotion is quite enough a modest site, created by the template. Nevertheless, he will receive the correct domain name, which will allow him to enter the index of search engines as often as possible. In addition to their sites, many online studios offer administration and promotion at discounted prices.