The developers of the web agency WebiProg called the web development of the very process of creating a website or application. This concept includes the creation of applications for e-commerce, programming for the client and server, design.

Any web development includes the following stages:

  • the creation of a project website or application, which consists of an analysis of the requirements, the proper development of the terms of reference, the definition of the required interfaces;

  • technical task;

  • thinking of the website concept;

  • creation of designs;

  • development of the layout of each page:

  • selection of the necessary multimedia elements and platforms;

  • page layout and templates;

  • development of necessary software;

  • the placement of content;

  • testing;

  • correction;

  • placing the project on a public website;

  • service delivery.

Website development allows for the absence of certain stages, or, conversely, their close relationship, depending on the setting of current tasks. Our website developers are attentive to the work at every stage, since the slightest mistake or inaccuracy can lead to the creation of a problem site. Web development is usually done taking into account the requirements of the customer, the relevance of the project, using different technologies and methods. The more experience and skill levels have web site developers, the higher the cost of creating a website, but also the better the quality, capabilities, strategy, concept, design.

Many structures offer not only the creation of web design but such services as web development and promotion of web sites. The main thing is not to make a mistake and make the right choice, having got acquainted with the quality and level of works performed by the performer chosen by you. Only professionals can create a website that will become a powerful tool to influence the target audience.


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