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OpenCart is a PHP-based open source web-based store system for creating online businesses and supporting offline trading. A robust e-commerce solution for online merchants with the ability to create their own online business and be a member of the electronic market with a minimum entry threshold and cost of ownership. OpenCart is a multifunctional, convenient, friendly Internet-showcase with all the set of required components and with a visually appealing interface.

 Why do I need an online store?

  • Your store will work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • The cost of doing business will be reduced, thanks to the online store.
  • There is an opportunity to serve a large number of customers.
  • There is no need to hire and train a large number of managers.
  • Those buyers who can not give proper time to shopping trips can buy the necessary goods in your store.
  • Do not worry about the convenient location of your store.
  • Due to lower costs, it is possible to reduce the price of the product, thereby attracting more customers and not losing any profit at the same time.

Web agency WebiProg offers you the development of an online store based on CMS OpenCart. Developing online stores on OpenCart will ease your work and increase profits.

What are the advantages of online stores on OpenCart?

1. Speed and safety

Time of loading of pages is minimal. The online store at OpenCart provides a high level of customer safety.

2. Easy modification

It is possible to install various modules, thanks to which you can realize any design intent.

3. SEO-friendly

The site on OpenCart can be optimized for search engines, which will ensure a high percentage of indexation, and as a result, a positive impact on the position of the online store in search results. In OpenCart, you can set the URLs of web pages manually, edit title, description and keywords. Take into account and search by pictures, for this in the system you can prescribe various attributes for images.

4. Catalog

The online store on OpenCart can be synchronized with CRM, ERP, accounting system. For large trading floors, this is a prerequisite, but such an opportunity will be useful for any online store. The exchange of data between the online store catalog and CRM, ERP or accounting system allows you to automatically update prices, current product balances and automate many routine operations. Accordingly, the probability of error on the part of the administrator of an online store is minimized, and costs are reduced through optimization of work.

5. Photo Gallery

On OpenCart, the gallery of the store stands out for its special convenience in managing images. Creating albums, adding or deleting images has become very easy. Also there is a function of overlaying the watermark on the product image, which helps protect the photos.

6. Multilanguage

Thanks to a special module, you can create store versions in different languages.

7. Multicurrency

You can independently specify the exchange rate administrator of the online store.

8. Payment and delivery

The payment module provides support for a variety of payment types (payment orders, checks). The calculation of taxes, the price of delivery of goods is available, based on such parameters as: price, weight of goods, place of delivery.

9. Personal Area

Information about the order status, purchase history, the information necessary for the delivery of goods is displayed.

10. Loyalty program

In the online store on OpenCart there is an opportunity to implement a discount system, gift certificates, special coupons for discounts, you can link discounts to certain products, and also implement an affiliate program to expand business.

11. Statistics and reporting system

In order to install the Analytics Analytics system, you do not need access to the page code, because the installation scheme is much simplified. Form reports on orders or returns of goods, as well as information about the most popular products is very simple.


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