Choosing Magento, as in other and any other platform, as a CMS for your online store, you, sooner or later, but inevitably, run into the question: “How to find a developer?”. And, if you are not technically skilled in choosing a professional, this will not be an easy task. We want to share some tips that will help you choose the right Magento developer that will meet your requirements and be able to manage the technical development of your project.

Despite its popularity, Magento is a complex platform and you will need a highly qualified specialist who will cope with building an effective system, which in turn will avoid further corrections and corrections in the backend of your online store. When choosing a developer, you should follow some rules that will help you choose the specialist that you really need.

The quality of the final product.

The quality assurance of your project is the foundation for building an effective e-commerce project. It is necessary to pay as much attention as possible to whabt is the main thing for your project and how it should be built. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Do you have a team of testers responsible for the quality of the project?
  • Does your team use Magento’s guides and recommendations or use automated tools?
  • Does the developer have a Magento certificate?

Certification Magento is an international system for recognizing the expertise of any developer Magento.

Currently, there are several types of certification Magento:

– Magento Solution Specialist: This certificate confirms that the person has a deep knowledge of the capabilities of the Magento platform and its settings.

– Magento Front-End Developer: the certificate confirms the developer’s ability to create and customize Magento themes for the correct display of the online store, for all visitors from all possible types of devices.

– Magento Certified Developer: is the most optimal certificate for the developer, indicating its ability to develop a back-end online store on Magento, including the logic of the kernel, additional integration with third-party modules, setting up payment and delivery methods, etc. This certificate confirms that the developer has deep knowledge in Magento and can work with the code.

– Magento Certified Developer Plus: the certificate is the pinnacle in the classification of Magento developers and confirms the deep knowledge of Magento Enterprise Edition.

A team or a freelancer?

As in working with the team, and when interacting with freelancers there are pros and cons. Of course, the choice of the team will be associated with greater costs than when working with a freelancer. However, if you decide to hire a team, you do not need to worry about the effectiveness of the final product. Adaptability of layout, module configuration, integration and any development will be carried out with high standards of Magento.

If, after all, you decided to stop working with a freelancer, then you will have to spend considerable effort to find a professional Magento developer, who has considerable experience in setting up Magento, developing backend and front-end at an affordable price.

If you are working on a large project, regardless of which way your choice falls, you should make sure that the developers have experience working with similar projects. And also will make sure that they have the right tools to do the work properly.

Is there any experience with complex projects on Magento?

Make sure that the developers worked on complex projects on Magento. See their best work from the portfolio that meets your requirements and relevant recommendations.

Do you have a Project Manager?

The presence of a project manager on the singer’s side is very important for a full understanding of the tasks of the developer for the development of the project, and will help to avoid downtime in the process of completion.

Is the offer competitive?

Ask the offer from several artists and take the time to reject them. Try to get the justification for the cost of your project and compare it with the offers of competitors. So you get more understanding about the real costs and will be able to choose the best offer.


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